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General report, England and Wales. 1871

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-vi) Title and contents
(Pages vii-ix) Introduction
(62 pages)Contract subtree England and Wales
(Pages x-xxviii)Expand subtree I. Population
(Pages xxix-xxxviii)Expand subtree II. Territorial subdivisions
(Pages xxxviii-liii)Expand subtree III. The occupations of the people
(Pages liv-lxxi)Expand subtree IV. The blind, deaf-and-dumb, idiots, or imbeciles, lunatics, and inmates of hospitals, workhouses and prisons
(Pages lxxi-lxxiii) Territorial subdivisions of the United Kingdom
(Pages lxxii-lxxiii) The United Kingdom
(Pages lxxiii-lxxvi) Islands in the British Seas
(Pages lxxvi-lxxx) Colonies and dependencies
(Pages lxxxi-lxxxii) The British Empire
(Page lxxxiii) Conclusion
(Pages lxxxv-c) Content of appendix
(164 pages)Contract subtree Appendix A
(Pages 1-7)Expand subtree United Kingdom
(Pages 8-11)Expand subtree England and Wales
(Pages 12-22)Expand subtree Population of counties
(Pages 23-25)Expand subtree Houses
(Pages 26-45)Expand subtree Towns
(Page 58)Expand subtree Emigration and immigration
(Pages 59-60)Expand subtree Ages in counties
(Pages 61-69)Expand subtree Conjugal condition
(Pages 70-80)Expand subtree Birthplaces
(Pages 81-122)Expand subtree Occupations
(Pages 123-131)Expand subtree Farmers
(Pages 132-134)Expand subtree The army
(Pages 135-137)Expand subtree The navy and marines
(Pages 138-141)Expand subtree The merchant service
(Page 142)Expand subtree Army, navy, marines, and merchant service abroad
(Pages 143-150)Expand subtree The blind, deaf-and-dumb, idiots or imbeciles, lunatics, &c
(Pages 151-160)Expand subtree Islands in the British Seas
(Page 161)Expand subtree Islands around the English Coast
(Pages 162-164)Expand subtree British colonies and possessions
(10 pages)Contract subtree Appendix b
(Pages 165-166) The act (33 & 34 Vict. Cap. 107.) for taking the census of England
(Pages 167-168) Form of householder's schedule
(Pages 169-174)Expand subtree Mode of taking the census
(54 pages)Contract subtree Appendix c
(Pages 175-180) Territorial subdivisions of England and Wales
(Page 181) Territorial subdivisions of Scotland and Ireland
(Pages 181-183)Expand subtree United Kingdom
(Pages 184-199)Expand subtree England and Wales
(Pages 200-209)Expand subtree Scotland
(Pages 210-217)Expand subtree Ireland
(Pages 218-228)Expand subtree Miscellaneous
(123 pages)Contract subtree Appendix d. Tables relating to the British colonies and possessions
(Pages 231-235)Expand subtree Possessions in Europe
(Pages 235-241)Expand subtree North America
(Pages 242-265)Expand subtree West Indies and Central America
(Pages 265-267)Expand subtree South America
(Pages 268-285)Expand subtree Colonies and possessions in Africa
(Pages 285-325)Expand subtree Possessions in Asia
(Pages 325-351)Expand subtree Australasia