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Population abstracts, England and Wales, Vol. III, 1871

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-xi) Title and contents
(81 pages)Contract subtree Summary tables
(Pages xii-xxiv)Expand subtree Ages of the people
(Pages xxiv-xxxiv)Expand subtree Civil or conjugal conditions of the people
(Pages xxxv-xlviii)Expand subtree Occupations of the people
(Pages xlix-l)Expand subtree Birth-places of the people
(Pages li-lxxvi)Expand subtree Tables relating to foreigners
(Pages lxxvii-xcii)Expand subtree The blind, deaf-and-dumb, idiot or imbecile, lunatics, and inmates of hospitals, workhouses and prisons
(618 pages)Contract subtree England and Wales-Abstracts
(Pages 1-40)Expand subtree Division 1. London: Including parts of Middlesex, Surrey and Kent
(Pages 41-106)Expand subtree Division 2
(Pages 107-172)Expand subtree Division 3
(Pages 173-218)Expand subtree Division 4
(Pages 219-280)Expand subtree Division 5
(Pages 281-350)Expand subtree Division 6
(Pages 351-404)Expand subtree Division 7
(Pages 405-446)Expand subtree Division 8
(Pages 447-498)Expand subtree Division 9
(Pages 499-550)Expand subtree Division 10
(Pages 551-618)Expand subtree Division 11
(30 pages)Contract subtree Islands in the British Seas. Abstracts
(Page 621)Expand subtree Tables of ages
(Pages 621-624)Expand subtree Tables of civil or conjugal condition
(Pages 625-641)Expand subtree Tables of occupation
(Pages 642-643)Expand subtree Tables of birth-places
(Pages 643-644)Expand subtree Tables relating to foreigners
(Pages 645-648)Expand subtree Tables relating to the blind, deaf-and-dumb, and inmates of workhouses &c